Date wise details of  Covid Vaccination session plan – Darjeeling

WB Govt. Covid Vaccination session plan – Darjeeling

Name of the District: Darjeeling

Name & Mobile no of the District Nodal Officer: Dr Sanyukta Liu (7001866136)

Contact No of District Control Room: : 8250237835

Sl. NoName of CVC SiteName of CVC ManagerMobile No of CVC ManagerAdress of CVC site (name of hospital/
health centre, block / ward/ village etc)
Type of vaccine to be used( Covishield/ Covaxine)
1Darjeeling DH 1Dr. Kumar Sariswal9851937730Darjeeling DHCOVAXIN
2Darjeeling DH 2Dr. Kumar Sariswal9851937730Darjeeling DHCOVISHIELD
3Darjeeling UPCH GhoomDr. Kumar Sariswal9851937730Darjeeling UPCH GhoomCOVISHIELD
4Kurseong SDH 1Bijay Sinchury7063071718Kurseong SDHCOVAXIN
5Kurseong SDH 2Bijay Sinchury7063071718Kurseong SDHCOVISHIELD
6Siliguri DH1Koushik Roy9851235672Siliguri DHCOVAXIN
7SiliguriDH 2Koushik Roy9851235672SiliguriDHCOVISHIELD
8NBMCH 1 (PSM)Goutam Das9679230501NBMCHCOVAXIN
10Matigara BPHC 1DR. Sohom Sen9435389025Matigara BPHCCOVAXIN
11Matigara BPHC 2DR. Sohom Sen9435389025Matigara BPHCCOVISHIELD
12Kharibari RH 1Dr. Alam9804370580Kharibari RHCOVAXIN
13Kharibari RH 2Dr. Alam9804370580Kharibari RHCOVISHIELD
14Naxalbari RH 1Dr.Kuntal Ghosh9832159414Naxalbari RHCOVAXIN
15Naxalbari RH 2Dr.Kuntal Ghosh9832159414Naxalbari RHCOVISHIELD
16Phansidewa RH 1Dr. Arunabha Das7908844346Phansidewa RHCOVAXIN
17Phansidewa RH 2Dr. Arunabha Das7908844346Phansidewa RHCOVISHIELD
18Matri SadanDr. Sanjib Majumder9434328017Matri SadanCOVISHIELD
19SMC UPHC7 1Dr. Sanjib Majumder9434328017SMC UPHC7COVAXIN
20SMC UPHC7 2Dr. Sanjib Majumder9434328017SMC UPHC7COVISHIELD
21Bijanbari RH 1Dr. Ansul Chowdhury7003653234Bijanbari RHCOVAXIN
22Bijanbari RH 2Dr. Ansul Chowdhury7003653234Bijanbari RHCOVISHIELD
23Sukhiapokhri BPHC 1Dr. Budhadeb Das8436395254Sukhiapokhri BPHCCOVAXIN
24Sukhiapokhri BPHC 2Dr. Budhadeb Das8436395254Sukhiapokhri BPHCCOVISHIELD
25Sonada PHCDr. Budhadeb Das8436395254Sonada PHCCOVISHIELD
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