Date wise details of Covid Vaccination session plan – East Midnapur (Nandigram)

WB Govt. Covid Vaccination session plan – East Midnapur (Nandigram)

Name of the District: Nandigram

Name & Mobile no of the District Nodal Officer: Supriya Mitra , 9851400300

Contact No of District Control Room: 9679650642

Name of CVC SiteName of CVC ManagerMobile No of
CVC Manager
Address of CVC Site (name of hospital / health centre, block / ward / village etc)Type of Vaccine to be used (Covishield / Covaxin)
1Barbaria Mugberia RHDr. Abhisek Mondal9735982976Barbaria PH, Bhagwanpur-2Covishield
2Barbaria Mughberia RH 2Dr. Abhisek Mondal9735982976Barbaria RH, Bhagwanpur-2Covishield
3Barbaria PHCDr. Abhisek Mondal9735982976Barbaria PHC, Bhagwanpur-2Covishield
4Barbaria PHC TwoDr. Abhisek Mondal9735982976Barbaria PHC, Bhagwanpur-2Covishield
5Erashal RH-1Dr. Nilay Kumar Pradhan7044044286Erashal RH, ChandipurCovishield
6Gokhuri PHCDr. Nilay Kumar Pradhan7044044286Gokhuri PHC,ChandipurCovishield
7Erashal RH – 2Dr. Nilay Kumar Pradhan7044044286Erashal RH,ChandipurCovaxin
8Majna BPHCDr. Prasenjit Chandra9832509343Majna BPHC , Contai-1Covishield
9Basantia RHDr. Parthapratim Patra9832964928Basantia RH , Contai-2Covishield
10Kharipukuria BPHCDr Subhrata Patra8597968950Kharipukuria BPHC , Contai-3Covishield
11Kamarda Rural HospitalDr. Sumitro Jana8001143214Kamarda Rural Hospital,Khejuri-1Covishield
12Sillyaberia RHDr. Goutam Biswas7797150233Sillyaberia RH , Khejuri-2Covishield
13Maheshpur PHCDr. Pabitra Halder9635159415Maheshpur PHC , Nandigram-ICovaxin
14Reapara Rural HospitalDr. Hmridipama Bag7364989069Reapara RH, Nandigram-2Covishield
15Amdabad PHCDr. Hmridipama Bag7364989069Amdabad PHC , Nandigram-2Covishield
16Digha A.K.BPHCDr. Bappaditya Giri8167550146Digha A.K.BPHC, Ramnagar-1Covishield
17Digha AK BPHC Anwesha ClinicDr. Bappaditya Giri8167550146Digha AK BPHC Anwesha Clinic,, Ramnagar-1Covaxin
18Bararankua Rulal HospitalDr. Manas Kr. Mondal7550913757Bararankua RH, Ramnagar-2Covishield
19Pichhaboni PHCDr. Manas Kr. Mondal7550913757Pichhaboni PHC, Ramnagar-2Covishield
20Nandigram DHDr. Adwaitya Kr. Mudi9434346225Nandigram DH , Nandigram-1Covishield
21Nandigram DH1Dr. Adwaitya Kr. Mudi9434346225Nandigram DH, Nandigram-1Covaxin
22Contai SDH Nursing TrainingDr. Ranjit Kumar Pal8945864188Contai SDH, Contai MunicipalityCovishield
23Contai SDH NTC senior citizenDr. Ranjit Kumar Pal8945864188Contai SDH, Contai MunicipalityCovaxin
24Digha SGH for Senior citizenDr. Sandip Bag8240166162Digha SGH , Ramnagar-1Covishield
25UPHC-1 Contai MunicipalityDr. Anutosh Pattanayak9932259489Contai MunicipalityCovishield
26UPHC-2 NEWDr. Anutosh Pattanayak9932259489Contai MunicipalityCovishield

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