WB Govt. Covid Vaccination session plan – Cooch Behar

WB Govt. Covid Vaccination session plan – Cooch Behar

Name of the District: Cooch Behar

Name & Mobile no of the District Nodal Officer: Dr Sourav Shil, 9836144980

Contact No of District Control Room: 9002263333

Sl. NoName of CVC SiteName of CVC ManagerMobile No of CVC ManagerAdress of CVC site (name of hospital /
health centre, block / ward/ village etc)
Type of vaccine to be used( Covishield/ Covaxine)Remarks
1MJN MCHMousumi Bhattacharya7044777701MJN MCHCovidshield
2Dinhata SDHDr Ranjit Mandal9434542822Dinhata SDHCovidshield
3Mathabhanga SDHDr Debdeep Ghosh9432879769Mathabhanga SDHCovidshield
4Mekhliganj SDHDr Kashinath Panja8420157971Mekhliganj SDHCovidshield
5Tufanganj SDHDr Mrinal Adhikary9434184795Tufanganj SDHCovidshield
6Dewanhat RHDr. Arunava Banerjee9007993729Dewanhat RHCovidshield
7Pundibari RHDr. Shyamal Das9002442002Pundibari RHCovidshield
8Gosanimari RHDr. Anjan Hansda8670885609Gosanimari RHCovidshield
9Bamanhat RHDr. Keshab Chandra Roy8670627714Bamanhat RHCovidshield
10Haldibari RHDr. Tapash Kumar Das9474960946Haldibari RHCovidshield
11Mathabhanaga-I BPHCDr. Bimal Chandra Adhikar9851589225Mathabhanaga I BPHCCovidshield
12Ghoksadanga RHDr. Subhash Chandra Gay9609837243Ghoksadanga RHCovidshield
13Changrabandha BPHCDr. Uttam Kumar Ray8158019199Changrabandha BPHCCovidshield
14Sitai RHDr. Masud Hasan9679314089Sitai RHCovidshield
15Sitalkuchi RHDr. Sambo Adhikary9007422443Sitalkuchi RHCovidshield
16Natabari RHDr. Khagendra Nath Mahat8420908069Natabari RHCovidshield
17Boxirhat BPHCDr. Asish Kumar Mandal9800905679Boxirhat BPHCCovidshield
18Cooch Behar UPHC 1 Ward No. 12 RabindranagarDr. Sourabh Sil9836144980Cooch Behar UPHC 1 Ward No. 12 RabindranagarCovidshield
19Cooch Behar UPHC 2 Ward No. 4 East Kameswari Road Bidhan SanghaDr. Sourabh Sil9836144980Cooch Behar UPHC 2 Ward No. 4 East Kameswari Road Bidhan SanghaCovidshield
20Police LineDr. Sourabh Sil9836144980Police LineCovidshield
21NBDD BuildingDr. Sourabh Sil9836144980NBDD BuildingCovaxin
22Chilkirhat PHCTusar Kanti Das9474330070Chilkirhat PHCCovidshield
23Bokalirmoth PHCDr. Sriparna Dutta Brahma8617621260BokalirmothCovidshield
24Kaljani PHCDr. Sumitra Hansda9932720121KaljaniCovidshield
25Okrabari PHCDr. Anjan Hansda8670885609Okrabari PHCCovidshield
26Nayarhat PHCNitai Roy9832056541Nayarhat PHCCovidshield
27Hudumdanga PHCDr.Bipul Ch. Roy9434340509Hudumdanga PHCCovidshield
28Pakhihaga PHCBharati Barman9733335270MathabhangaCovidshield
29Panaguri PHCLalita Paul8617071678MathabhangaCovidshield
30Nishiganj PHCDr Debashish Dutta9547061344Nishiganj PHCCovidshield
31Khetifulbari PHCDr Rahul Bhattacharja8918227672Khetifulbari PHCCovidshield
32Jamaldah PHCDr.Tapash Roy9734939127Jamaldah phcCovidshield
33Adabari PHCMadhumita Chowdhury9547756145Adabari PHCCovidshield
34Chhoto Salbari PHCDr. Siddharthya Paul7384634396Chhoto Salbari PHCCovidshield
35Maradanga PHCSubal Dey9434078952Maradanga CCPCovidshield
36Deocharai PHCMina Das9735400382Deocharai CCPCovidshield
37Rampur PHCDr. Sayan Mandal8250226339Rampur PHCCovidshield
38Salbari PHCDr. Rathindra Kumar Saha9434686935Shalbari PHCCovidshield
Source: https://www.wbhealth.gov.in/uploaded_files/corona/Compiled_CVC_plan-converted.pdf

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